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Melnik and Rupite - Private Day Trip from Sofia
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Melnik is considered the smallest town in Bulgaria, nested in the South slopes of Pirin mountain, among sand pyramids with queer forms. The findings from the antiquity discovered upon the archaeological diggings testify for its centuries-old history. The wine which is produced by the unique Bulgarian brand Wide Melnik Vine has a wonderful quality, scents of ripe cherry, herbs, and in the presence of oak it develops nuances of tobacco and leather. You will have time for a lunch break in a local restaurant and after it you will continue to the nearby “Rupite” area, located about 30 km. away from Melnik. This place is considered as sanctuary because it is associated with the famous Bulgarian prophet Vanga, who spent the last years of her life there. Near the house where she was living in 1994 was built the church Saint Petka, which is interesting with its different style of frescoes and icon paintings.

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